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"The experience in translation of high technical value means a better text comprehension and better sentence construction"

We have observed very often leaflet "no well" translated by secretaries or by presumed "able translators", as they had completely distorted the sentence sense or quite of words. A classical example, that we have observed, was the use of the word "Kompass" (navigation compass) instead of "Bush" (bush of mechanical bearing) in an English translation.

If we observe dully a technical dictionary or also a normal dictionary, the first translation word you can read for Bussola (Italian language) is really "Kompass", but in Italian language the word Bussola has at least 2 or 3 meanings that have nothing to do with the indicated reference.

Then it is necessary to be able to choose the exact word for the various application cases and, in technical field, the word is very difficult to be selected in a correct manner owing to multiple aspects of meaning that it can assume in a given context.

In our opinion the real and precise technical translator is the man who can express the sentence as more as possible simple and uses the technical words that are more suitable in the argument context and can adapt a "bad" technical text or a "slang" text with a "good translation" that is comprehensible also abroad or by an Italian technician, if it translated from another language.

We think that only an industrial engineer is able to make this very delicate work, but surely he must naturally know also well the foreign languages.


OUR ANNUAL PRODUCTION amounts to ab. 5000 pages/year meanly distributed in the various languages we treat and we wish to increase and make better it also through Internet, but above all with your contribution as Customers and, we hope, conquering your trust, as it occurred with many other Companies that are now our Customers.

Yours Faithfully

M. Ruzzin



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