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"The technical-commercial activity: Importance of technical translator for the modern company"

In the last years, owing to the introduction of very precise Standards under the legal and safety point of view, it is necessary to have always a ready updated technical documentation in the worldwide more commonly used languages.

Now your foreign and also internal customers are surely more and more exacting and do not wish to WORK HARD to comprehend a handbook or a technical information.

It must be written in a good technical language, but also be comprehensible to a mean cultured person: The user of your product can have different cultural characteristics, and then he must be able to understand easily the moves to be applied for using a certain machine and for its eventual easy repair, without being compelled to spend a lot of money for the technical service, that now is very costly owing to labour and stop machine time, that cause an economical damage for the production lack.

The clear description of machine or plant, made naturally by you, who are the expert manufacturers, is also important for the operator’s safety and must be comprehensible also when he were in uncompletely efficient mental condition owing to tiredness, stomach heaviness or other causes. Then if you want to create a handbook or other technical information that can be translated with great clearness in different languages, be concise, use short periods, put the necessary figures without subtitles in the figure inside, but use only reference numbers and subtitles put near or under the figure.

Then it is advisable not to trust with the translations made by secretaries: they are able in the commercial field, but the translation in the technical field is more complex and multiform and requires a great experience and a good knowledge of the technical argument. We know well that, acting in this manner, your Company "Saves money", but in the same time reduces greatly its "Image of Technical Service and Commercial Clearness", that often causes the loss of the more important - and more documentation-exacting - customers.


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